Autism and Yoga Therapy

yoga for autism

The characteristics of someone with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Disconnection to others: social, emotional and communication skills Repetitive behavior and/or speech Difficulty with transitions in their day and change in general Learning differences Preoccupation with sounds, foods, schedules (perseveration) Speech difficulties: have difficulty expressing needs, emotions, and thoughts (difficulty with […]

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“Yoga Kite”

Kite surfing

“Yoga Kite” by M.B. Demres Imagine flightA kiteSoaringRiding the windMuscle the Kite To make the wind Direction mind,Guiding…. stretching….playing….A mighty siteIntovert itSee withinLet it soar againNow let it dipRise againOPEN with JoyBalanceReleasing Breath Customized Yoga and Meditation is available for everyone and every group! Where? At YogamOcean How? Virtually or […]

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