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You Are Unique

My approach to each person is to see you as the multi-faceted person you are. You are unique and complex; an integrated beautiful person who has always made choices with good intentions.

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Why do I coach?

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I come from a past of varied experiences: a loving Italian family, parents and relatives who were immigrants, Catholic schools, and traditional values. I have a master’s degree in Special Education because I love working with children and I’m good at it. I taught for 30 years, and I survived and came away so much richer for the experience. I married, had (and have) two magnificent sons, and lived happily in downtown Rochester, MI for many years.


That is the “normal” part of my life. As we all know, “shit happens.” And my life is no exception. My relationship with my husband turned to sadness and depression, so much so that I asked for a divorce. I couldn’t take the depth of depression I was in and counseling and talking didn’t help to any significant degree. I was in a tunnel of darkness, and I felt that I couldn’t climb out. But I was fortunate to see the light at the end of that tunnel.


My faith in God brought the light closer! I moved on to build myself up and repair my spirit, mind, and body. Eventually, I remarried and have an awesome stepson through this marriage. God has been so good to me. With that, I acknowledge that there have been many relationships bridges I have had to go over, doors that needed to be opened into my heart and soul, and a tremendous amount of patience, acceptance and understanding, to make my life what it is today. All of this involves pain, change of patterns, receiving help and an opening of my heart and mind to love and an integration of new patterns. It takes courage. I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit and know that there is so much more for me to do.


That brings me to coaching. This is the path I have chosen to give back. I want to leave a legacy of love, light, hope, forgiveness, and strength! The way I do that is to coach

What is my passion?

I love to help people get out of the “fog” of feeling like they are in a rut and don’t know how to move forward. Taking someone from being unmotivated to finding their direction is such fun for me! I love guiding people to be themselves, rather than a carbon copy of someone else. I call it “weaving their life’s tapestry,” knowing that each person’s tapestry is unique and beautiful in its own way. I enjoy coaching with an integration of modalities to heal the mind, body and spirit and finding that unique combination with the client. By using the “Six Gifts” in my individual and group coaching, the client and I focus on positive outcomes.


I coach adults, children, and families. When I work with families, I like to enter their space and discover their patterns with them. This is a method of integration into the healing process of several people so the patterns may be complicated and overlapping. Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to smooth out and it takes a family effort. Brainspotting, somatic experiencing, and “brainspotting in the sand tray” are some of the modalities I use for healing, along with yoga and reiki.

A Child in Trauma

child in trauma

“As Jakie’s home environment starts to become uncomfortable, Jakie starts to feel pain in his heart and abdomen. He is having difficulty coping and his body seems to disappear or become less significant. This signals his “fight or flight” response in the sympathetic nervous system. Stress starts to build, his mouth is dry, heartbeat accelerates, pupils dilate, lung airways dilate, stomach activity is inhibited, the stomach converts glycogen to glucose, intestines are inhibited, adrenaline and noradrenaline are produced, and the bladder contraction is inhibited. He has nowhere to run and can’t understand how to feel anger, so he begins to cry and shrivel or hide into his own perception of himself.”

From Book: “Jakie and Samba, How Neglect Affects a Young Child” by Marie Demres

About My Practice


Tug to your heart?  That’s YOU in there asking for guidance, permission, love, compassion, a listener to heart and soul, someone with intuition to “know” what you’re saying, what you fear, to help you cope, understand how much you love and hate, who can give guidance and encouragement as you set up passions and hopes for your future. You may need me to offer a thread to lead you into your life’s purpose and make that beautiful Tapestry of Love that you’ve always wanted.

How do I guide a person to truth and coherence?

My coaching involves the integration of neuroscience, biology, nutrition, yoga/movement, and emotional and spiritual (God directed) guidance.

Brainspotting is one of the modalities I use to help someone to access emotions which may be difficult for them to feel. Also, I have developed “The Six Gifts” as a model of how to use our gifts to heal ourselves. Come join me in group or individually, to heal and strengthen what you already know and have. With me, the client is the comet and I guide as the tail to your comet.


I invite and offer you a free Discovery Session.

How do I coach young children and teens?

I use Brainspotting in the Sandtray with children and with adults who have difficulty expressing themselves or have not had success with “talk therapy.”

Do I coach adults?

“Yes”. I truly love people and want the best for each person. I want you to find your passion and reach for it, to know that there are going to be struggles and obstacles in your way and to use them to become stronger and more resilient.  You are HERE for a reason.  That reason is your purpose!  Your obstacles are unique to you and help to guide and form your character.

What is the setting for my coaching sessions?

I coach in person or online, so I can work with anyone in the country. I also coach individually or in a group setting.

About My Training

The Coaching curriculum I chose to take is from Bethany Perry ANWCB and CBSP, of Whole Life Healing Collective. Bethany’s multi-faceted approach integrates Neuroscience, Biology, Nutrition, and Yoga. Her Coaching course is engaging and life changing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow and learn about themselves and/or coach others in their journey. It is a phenomenal course and Bethany is an incredible person! My words are written with gratitude and love.


After coaching clients for a while, I became aware that I wanted to delve deeper to help clients in areas that are difficult to reach with the “tools” that I had. With some research, I found a method that has proven highly successful with people in trauma, depression, anxiety, performance difficulties, guilt situations and transformation of patterns in several different areas. This modality can be used with children and adults and in groups. It is called “Brainspotting.” It was discovered in 2003 by psychologist, David Grand PhD, (author of “Brainspotting.”) He is the Director and Trainer of the Brainspotting Institute courses, with many other mental health professionals; they teach counselors, social workers, coaches, and psychologists all over the world. I became proficient in Brainspotting and am now internationally certified to use this in my coaching. Currently, I have close to 200 sessions in which I have used this modality with clients and other therapists and coaches.


Currently, I am in a course called, “Brainspotting in the Sandtray,” This takes brainspotting to a whole new dimension!


Yoga is also one of my passions. I’m a certified yoga instructor, RYT200, and have been teaching for 7 years. I use both Yin and Yang yoga in my coaching at times, as a spiritual and somatic experience.


In the past, I was a Special Education teacher and consultant for 30 years, and have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Special Ed. My work with children, families, school social workers, psychologists and consultants is extensive. It was my career passion!

What does this mean for you? It means that I can integrate many modalities into my coaching and that I am dedicated and persistent. I care about each of my clients. I guarantee total attention and compassion to each person I coach, along with a plan to move forward with their specific needs and goals. I am here for you! If you have the courage to start your journey, I will be there with you.

Tapestry of Love

Book your free 20-minute consultation, let’s meet to ensure the best match!

Do you feel that tug to your heart, is your heart beating a little faster, have your tastebuds lit up?
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First Steps

Book your free 20-minute consultation, let’s meet to ensure the best match!

Do you feel that tug to your heart, is your heart beating a little faster, have your tastebuds lit up?
Email me at for more information.
First Steps
I have been a client of Marie’s for about 3 months. In that time, I’ve felt that Marie is attentive and cares. Even though I come into sessions feeling stressed and anxious, I always feel more relaxed afterward. My issues, that I came to coaching for, are being addressed, and there is a plan to move forward. I often process in the session and then afterwards between sessions, so that I know that I am healing. I feel a release from some of the stress and anxiety that I started out with, while growing stronger as a person. Marie listens and addresses my problems in a worthwhile, productive, and helpful way. She is great and good at what she does.
Will F.
Coaching Client
“You (Marie) opened me up in such a beautiful way. It was honestly exactly what I needed.”
Michelle Novotney
Coaching Peer
“After a brainspotting session with Marie, I feel relaxed in a way that I haven't felt before."
Coaching Peer and Client
“Marie provides a warm and genuine space for clients' healing. She brings a caring and compassionate presence to sessions. She emanates excellence in client care."
Melissa Anderson
Coaching Peer
“Marie works with the client and goes with the flow of the session. She helps in guiding the client wherever they are. She is extremely compassionate while coaching, always bringing in positive intentions, and guiding them through their past, to understand who they are and how they process.”
Kim L.
Coaching Client
“I always feel safe with Marie. She is reassuring and holds an open door for me to go through and explore my feelings and fears. It's as if she is holding my hand through-out the brainspotting session. It felt like Marie was right there with me (online session) as I went through my trauma. I can speak with my heart and it's received. She is so in-touch and it fills me with reverence and awe!"
Coaching Client
"Marie is a wonderful person. I felt able to open up to her. She was there for me and my family at any time, even when we didn’t have a scheduled session. She really helped my family and I get back on our feet. I felt like she truly cared for all of us, and in turn made me feel comfortable to talk about anything. Words can’t describe how much she meant and means to our family. I know she will always be there for us. I appreciate her so much."
Coaching Client
“Marie is a natural-born teacher. That is what she does. She’s been living her purpose since birth probably. When we met to talk about my future, she stepped up as she always does. Marie brought her spiritual, intellectual and loving self. If you are looking for someone to help you move forward in your life, Marie is a natural choice.”
If you’re in need of spiritual help or help on your life journey, Shari’s an awesome source of strength and compassion.
Shari Roberts
Coaching Client
“Marie is a kind, warm, empathetic person and a wonderful listener. Her background in education, and her extensive experience with young people, as well as her training and experience as a yoga instructor have prepared her well to be helping others in so many ways. The rigorous Whole Life Healing Coaching course has added the knowledge and wisdom she will need as a life coach. Future clients will be lucky to have you in their life.”
Julie Kisil
Coaching Client
“My time in coaching with Marie has been a period of finding my calm and peaceful side. I feel comfortable talking with her and know that what I say in session is confidential and that I am in a safe space. After a few months of coaching, my blood pressure has gone down, without any medication, and I feel calmer and more able to cope with the trauma I've been dealing with for years. I would recommend Marie to anyone going through a difficult period in their lives."
Coaching Client
“Brainspotting with Marie let's me go into uncharted territory in a safe and supported way. On occasion, during processing, I feel like I've 'shot the rapids.' Very exciting!"
Coaching Client
"Marie has shown to have a strong ability to apply the components of the Brainspotting (BSP) theory within her practice. She has a good understanding of the brainspotting concepts and techniques. She has already begun to make BSP her own. She is attentive and willing to take feedback."
BSP Coaching Consultant
Coaching Client
“Marie is, first and foremost, a believer and child of God. She is a loving and supportive mother and wife, a devoted friend, a lifelong learner, a teacher of academics, yoga, religion and life. She’s an avid reader, an adventurer, a lover of children, an admirer of art, lover of nature and fitness and travel.

She is best known for her kindness, as a helper, a giver and a good listener. She is quirky, spontaneous, and fun. Her laughter is contagious. She is genuine and always accepting of others.

She is best known for her open and accepting mind, her ability to listen, to open her heart, to give to those in need, to be positive, has an energetic spirit and thirst for knowledge, a desire to challenge herself and continuously grow, she is determined to find answers and to do good."
Kim Quni

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