December 1, 2021

Mind, Body, Spiritual Evolution

New Program Starting Jan 3rd, 2022!

Are you done with stress, anxiety and depression?  Determined to go the “healthy, happy route” this coming year?

Well, you have come to the right place.

I, Marie Demres, Whole Life Healing Coach, am here to support you with a powerful, multidisciplinary program.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Join me in bringing Attention to your Best Thoughts, the Body you feel is healthy for You, and Finding Yourself within your own individual Spirit. Revolutionize your thinking and how you live, through daily stretching, spiritual meditation, prayers, eating habits and routing your thoughts toward positive resolutions.

Let go of the rut you’re in. Breathe in, love for yourself. This is your best gift to yourself. You will find the “Mind, Body, Spiritual Evolution” program a life changer by simply being present throughout the process.

The program will include 40 days of meeting each day via zoom:

For details such as pricing, and times, or to register now, please click the button below to email me directly.


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