January 26, 2023

Getting Out and Moving Forward in the Quicksand of Life?

person on motorbike stuck in mud

You are not alone. A lot of people are struggling to move out of the old patterns of life and into a new beginning.

Tapestry of Love Coaching/Marie Demres, certified whole life healing coach and Brainspotter, is here to lend you a hand. I skip the “Why’s” and move forward with your strengths and use your weaknesses to build more “muscles” to get you where you want to be in your life.

You are important!

Join this group to expand your possibilities, to acknowledge yourself and love who you are

What Group? Which Possibilities?

Did you know that you have superpowers that you’re not using?

The group will consist of you and others who are ready to commit to moving forward in their lives, who want to lead and show their stuff, and who are tired of following and getting nowhere.

Here is the scoop:

We’ve all been given gifts. Learning how to use your unique gifts is a talent and takes some courage. You’ll have to move out of the mainstream. Are you ready and courageous enough to do that?

“The Gifts”

*Each of these gifts have obstacles and those will be discussed also. These are “I would do this, but…” statements.  We all have them. They stand for a part of us that we want to hold onto. We will be able to acknowledge and understand these parts and give them a voice.

During this ongoing group, you’ll be able to discuss, get information and practice on how to retrieve your gifts and how to use them for yourself in a life you want to have. You can start at any time and attend for 6 sessions to get the whole package.

Contact me to GET STARTED NOW and receive your free consultation session

Send me an email at and include “Group” in the subject line.

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