August 19, 2021

Childhood Traumas

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I’m currently in the process of publishing a book on childhood neglect. What it says and the feelings it provokes are strong and real to anyone who may have felt this way for a day, a week or most of their childhood. The intention of the book is to help children to cope and to help parents to see through their pain and to their most precious gift: their child.

Excerpts from: “Jakie and Samba”

When a child is happy his “mind, body and spirit are working fluidly with each other in an infinity of motion.”

When a child’s environment changes and he no longer is perceived as important “He is having difficulty coping and his body seems to disappear or become less significant....Stress starts to build, the mouth is dry, heartbeat accelerates, pupils dilate, lung airways dilate, stomach activity is inhibited......he begins to cry and shrivel up or hide....”

There is always hope through parent, professional and God interventions. Making this happen is a group effort and can be facilitated by play coaching with a professional.

To ask how this can happen for your child,

no matter what type of trauma, (

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