August 26, 2021


sliced onions

Yoga stretches your body to de-stress your emotions.

Did you know that yoga at the beginning of your day, will help you maintain balance physically, mentally and emotionally?

Think of an onion. It looks perfectly neutral on the outside. Should you bite into it, you’ll see that the taste is less than sweet, not sour, and deliciously strong.

Like yoga, the poses may look easy, and the pace is slow. Yet once you “bite into” or try a flow, you find a challenge that touches your body, mind and soul. The breath calms you. You have a sense of wonder as you move through the poses and a final sweet peaceful moment of calm and emptiness once you are finished. Sometimes, you just wish you could stay in that final resting “Savasanna.” And, as you move out of the flow you feel a sweet, delicious strength through-out.


If you’ve never tried yoga, visit the YogamOcean page and experience this for yourself.  There are several options for you: Basic, Chair, Slow Flow and Children’s yoga (if you want to do this with your child).  Make a choice to take a chance by stepping into the yoga onion.


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